Solid Brass Carburetor Chamber Pipe

Brass Proto Type chamber pipe made from solid brass.
Traditional and Nostalgic- Meticulously crafted from Solid Brass, and finished to the finest quality.
Integrated reserve chamber- Neatly and secretly stashes a reserve to reload 5 more times.
No screens required- Pipe will last forever, providing you with years of smoking enjoyment
Removable tar trap cover and included stir/cleaning poker tool for easy cleaning
Satisfaction Guaranteed- 100% refund if not completely satisfied

Smoking Pipe, FeelGladĀ® Ebony Tobacco Pipe with Pipe Accessories

Pipe and tobacco,Superior sandalwood, inwall carbon layer separation treatment, super thick pipe wall, durable, fine workmanship, high quality.
The smoking pipe can free disassembly, cleaning is very convenient, the centre with smoke poison filter, filter oil Smoke oil vapor etc harmful substances,keep smoking is more healthy.
Heat resistance, heat after no taste.
Package:1*smoking pipe,1* pipe scraper,10*filter element,10*pipe cleaners,5*pipe bowl screens,2*pipe metal screen.
Great buy as a gift.